Is SEO all about content marketing?

In short, the answer to this question is Yes. Read how:

Create Rich Content.

Google is no more in its infancy and gone are the days when you used to write something on and get ranked for.

Google prefers rich content. There are various examples that if you need to reach higher up in the rankings, you need to have more content on your page. (Here, more means more relevant content)

It is often observed that the content rich sites get more organic links. There is also a huge co-relation between social linking to your domain and the amount of content you have on your page.

I would say that the optimum content length on your page must be close to 1500 to 2000 words.

If you create good content, you will end up getting more tweets for your content, likes on Facebook, shares on LinkedIN and eventually Higher rankings in SERPs.

A word of caution though: In case you can write a blog to convey your message in shorter length, there is no need to stretch it un-necessarily.

Market it well.

There are a lot of content being produced by small businesses and they are using various social platforms to market the content. The following graph from Content Marketing Institute suggests the percentage of B2B Small Business Marketers through different social media channels.

But the success rate of getting the mileage from the content produced is dismal. The following stat describes the same.

Create Buyer Personas

It is often considered these days that the buisnesses that succeed for marketing content, use buyer personas as their guide to do it.

So it is important to understand what is A Buyer Persona?

Hubspot has defined it really well:

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Therefore while creating your buyer persona, its is imperative for you to conduct a thorough research via surveys and interviews and ask for many details such as

Behaviour Patterns

By creating a successful and insightful Buyer Persona, you will be able to attract a lot of visitors, leads and eventually create customers for your business.

Once done, you need to keep working on it to improve them.

The bottom line of personas is not at just creating it, but its all about evolving it.

Printing them out and taking them to board-room for discussions on success an failure will help evolve it.

You should consider welcoming any change in the behavioral analytics and further evolving your personas.

So, Is SEO and Content Marketing the same?

In our opinion, creating good content and marketing it well is the crux of the story and SEO and content marketing go hand in glove.

If you read this blog by Kissmetrics, it has defined it very well.

1. SEO states the requirements. Content marketing fulfills them
2. SEO demands content. Content marketing is content.
3. SEO demands keywords. Content marketing means using keywords.
4. SEO demands linkbacks. Content marketing introduces linkbacks.
5. SEO demands onsite technical optimization. Content marketing needs great UX.
6. SEO demands consistent output. Content marketing requires consistent.

So we would like to conclude that SEO and content marketing are the two wheels of your superbike. You cant ride without one of them.