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Think of your favourite logos. Maybe not even your favourite, but any logos that spring to mind. What do they have in common? Do they have an icon or are they text-based? Or do they incorporate both styles? Can you think of the logos for some of the biggest companies out there: Google, Microsoft, Amazon? Now, what do they have in common?

Businesses these days need a logo design that can be adapted to any number of communications: websites, flyers, letterhead, email newsletters, business cards, brochures, company vehicles, invoices... the list goes on. It stands to reason then that the cleaner and less fussy the design, the more flexible the logo can become. It can be easily transferred into different mediums and applied to different materials.

This means your business can be sharp and consistent across all communication with customers and clients. Overall it will allow you to achieve a more polished and professional look in the graphic designs produced for your company. In spite of the dominance of all things web-related, the impact of something as simple as a printed flyer or brochure should not be underestimated. A product catalogue is something that a client or potential customer will hold in their hands and will take it as a reflection of your company. Are you sending the right message?

The graphic design team at Design A Website can build a complete brand solution for your business. We will create a strong visual identity that grabs the attention of your audience and lodges itself in their memories. Contact a member of the team now to discuss how your business can leave the competition in the dust with a logo and graphic design overhaul.

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